SEPTEMBER 25th Weekend Preview!

Well, if I had my way, I would allot all my confidence points on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, since it has zero competition, is in 3D, and look to play for a long time. Unfortunately for me, there are 3 new wide releases that need to be considered, thus adding some difficulty to my confidence point strategy.

The big release this week is Surrogates, A thriller headlined by Bruce Willis. At my Whip It screening, there was also a Surrogrates advance screening and that was almost as popular as Whip It! even adding in the "filmed in Michigan" effect. There hasn't been a legit action film since Inglourious Basterds. The market is really open for this sort of film. The tv spots have vastly improved as well. It may just break out and win the weekend if it all goes right. Since it could possibly do that, I am going to predict 18M and 10 Confidence points.

Another big film being released this weekend, is Fame. Fame is a remake of a film called Fame. The trailers reminded me a lot of Step Up, American Idol, yada yada. While it is not m cup of tea, it is featured in the most theatres this weeknd, so many eyes will be able to catch it if they have already seen Meatballs 7 times. I am going with 14M and 20 confidence points.

Finally, there is an actual horror film out this weekend. It's called Pandorum. The tv spots didn't really divulge much except scary! scary! I don't think it will out-open the much maligned  Jennifer's Body though. I have it at 6M and am allotting 70 confidence points to it. It is in a lot of theatres but it looks too generic to be able to bust out too much. It is in a healthy amount of theatres so it may do better then I expect.

For the Independent spotlight - I am going to go ahead and whore out Whip it! which you can watch on sneaks for Saturday and get a free t-shirt! Maybe if it does well enough, I'll write a review. If you can't catch that, then if you live in LA or NY, then go to Capitalism a Love Story! Also, Bright Star is expanding, and even though I could tear it a new one, I'd still recommend it for those who enjoy period pieces and love stories.

2 other films to watch are IFC's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men! and Audrey Tatou in Coco Before Chanel! Sheesh, that's a lot of films to watch! Stop reading and go now!

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