Brick City

A very frustrating show. At times it is brilliant, and at times it delves into the same reality tv show cliches that I could live without. A lot of the behind the scenes of ho they are fighting crime is really cool, but the preaching and the wannabe Obama stuff is just too much. It works for one or two scenes but once it becomes an everyday occurrence, it looks more like a dictatorship then a democracy.

Also, seriously, showing a fight about a phone call?  That's like that horrible scene from Bright Star where John Keats went crazy over a daggone Valentine' Day card. Really? Get over it. It's not compelling television. ESPECIALLY after seeing them all posing for the premiere before the past two episodes. Doesn't make them relatable characters to watch, only makes them look fake!

But at the same time, even with those issues, it still is a pretty compelling watch when stuff is actually happening. I'd like to have a beer with the mayor. He seems like a cool guy.  

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