The Capitalism: A Love Story Experience

I had no idea such a little theatre could host such a big event! I had just visited it to see Jennifer's Body on Friday. Anyways, the little theatre was packed. People were shaking hands and handing out healthcare bumper stickers and posters.It was quite a sight to see.

The film itself was probably Moore's most adult and most hard hitting film to date. No one was above reproach. Not even Sen. Chris Dodd. I was very surprised. For all the previous talk with Farehenhiet 9/11 that Moore was biased, that talk got blew out of the water.

A few things stuck out to me. The stories from the real people in the sticks were really strong. They were very real. Also, the stories of redemption were almost just as good. The film has a nice balance of picking you up after showing you the worst.

I hope it does really well since ironically, I am gambling on the hollywood stock exchange for it to do well and going all in.

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