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So, recently, I've been reading a lot about the Giants. I used to like them a lot when Barry Lamar Bonds was smashing baseballs over McCovey Cove. And yes, I know he is the officially the worst guy ever to play baseball ever, but dangit I have his jersey so he is still cool to me.

Anyways, this season the Giants have this really great pitching staff, but their offense can't hit the broadside of a barn, and that is being polite. A few weeks ago, the Giants called up uber stud all star prospect Buster Posey. Unfortunately, they are still starting someone else at his position (catcher) so he only has 1 at bat.

The reason why I have brought this up is because the fan's have taken exception with the management. Like take this post for example, "Why Randy Winn Is Not The Best Hitter on the Team". Pure comedic gold. It's amazing for a sport that is so dependent on stats, there are still teams out there playing players that have "intangibles" even when these players couldn't hit all year!

I know I porbably overexplained the joke of it all but I found it funny and wanted to share. here is more great reading:

The Bengie Molina Paradox

Buster Posey Facts

Minor League Scarecrows

What's Wrong With the Giant's Offense?

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