NEW Twitter Rules

I've decided to make a new edition of MY twitter rules since the advent of Lists have come about.

First and foremost, the chances that I will folllow you on my main "Following" list has now shrunk to less then 0%.

If that offends you then press then unfollow. I don't care. Go sell your spam elsewhere.

Secondly, If I recognize your name but you haven't made yourself notable to me then chances are I might take a chance and list you in one of my 15 categories. These lists are NOT set in stone and if you fuck with me (i.e. list whoring) I'll BLOCK your ass. Just an FYI. These lists are also under construction and being updated with new folks constantly. I work hard on these lists and know pretty much who is on what lists, plus Twitter is nice enough to SHOW IT ON YOUR PROFILE, so if you think you can follow me, get listed and unfollow, prepare for an EPICFAILOFTHENIGHT!

Anyways, the rules are pretty simple. If you don't say anything, you'll get ignored.

You say something, hey maybe you might just fit into more then one list.

Give and take.

Those are the rules.

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