Finishing Heaven Film Review - 2 for 1!

So I saw this documentary called Finishing Heaven and realized that there are two ways I could interpret this film. Unfortunately, this film doesn't exist anywhere outside of HBO, as there hasn't been any pictures or trailers posted for it. It's about this dude who made a film a long long time ago, but he didn't finish it. So, this documentary was to showcase his trek to finally finish the film!


Coming off of the unfunny, god-awful, tone-deaf, mis-advertised, train wreck of a train wreck Ninja Vengeance, it was kind of sad to see someone being unable to finish their handiwork because, well it at least deserved a chance to be seen.

The filmmaker introduced the director/producer, who ended up being quite an interesting guy. He dated? married? the lead actress from the unfinished film, Heaven, and she was the one who wanted him to take the last steps and finish the film. A lot of it was spent in nostalgia. Of the good ole days and what could have been. The director works now as a cruise ship greeter. His girlfriend lady is also featured. One thing I remember was that wherever she worked, she had to be the star. They showed some old footage from her off-off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway shows. They were most definitely interesting subjects. Also they featured the technology differences and how the director used to carry a whole trolley worth of film when they were transporting it overseas but now it fits in two cans! Also he edited it on one of the CPUs looked like one of the ones that I saw at MPI.


Maybe the title was a joke. It's called  Finishing Heaven. At the end of the film (haha) the subject's film was not finished. So I just spent an hour and ten minutes of my life listening to some crazy guy who is too much of a megalomaniac to be able to get his own film finished? Even worse then that, the guy fights over the tiniest little things! Like they were recording new voice-over narration and he was angry and obtuse because he thought that his girlfriend, the lead actress chick wanted a co-writers credit! He sounded more like an egotistical jerk rather then anyone I would want spend 70 minutes of my life with. And the dude didn't even finish the film! All he has was a "test screening" or something. The people spoke and by their reviews I suspect it is of The Room quality. Be a man! The filmmaker was nearly 40 years old!  I don't think I got my money's worth!

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