Long Delay

The reason why there has been a long delay in between posting is because I wasn't just going to merely transport my activities from Tumblr to Blogger. Nope instead, i am going to change some things. Like the way I write up articles about the weekend. I always used to read articles before and it is always in the tone of "IT's MY Way Or The HIghway!" leaving little to no room for actually being wrong, since that happens a lot. So when those authors end up being wrong, they pretend like nothing ever happened. I already had full disclosure by posting the before and after scores, now I will add some new spice to it.

This weekend showed me something. I was playing a different movie game, that is kind of like the stock market. Well, I had full confidence in holding s couple of films "Short" or that they won't meet the price after the weekend results come in, and there was another film that I thought would do well, but did not have as much confidence in that. I didn't end up playing it for the weekend, and whaddaya know? My lack of confidence payed off and I didn't lose any money on that stock.

So this is my new plan for the weekend. Instead of just announcing that my opinion is the law, I'm going to allot 100 confidence points to distribute among the openers. That will be yet another scale, and I think it also captures the nuance that goes through my mind when I am saying what I am saying. So for example, if I thought that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was going to open to 300M this weekend for certain I would assign a high amount of points to it, like 80 of the 100. And the opposite if I don't. Nice, clean, simple, and easy!

New posts coming soon!

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