This Weekend!

There are so many crazy films coming out this weekend. I have to talk about it. At least a little bit!

The mega huge film coming out this weekend is Cloudy with a Chance with Meatballs. There is no doubt it will be one of September's biggest openers. Why? The lack of competition, 3D, and an extremely wide release has made it all but a certainty that will take the weekend. It could go 30+. I am allotting nearly 80 out of my 100 confidence points on this film.

Then there are other films. Films that have question marks. There is Love Happens. Yay a romantic comedy. But is it any different then what is already playing on Lifetime? I am not going to underestimate Anniston's pull but there is a reason why it is being released in September and not July. I'd go with under 6M and 10 confidence points.

Finally, there is the wild card. This is one of the reasons why I started doing the whole confidence points thing. The film is called Jennifer's Body. It was written by Diablo Cody of Juno fame and stars Megan Fox from transformers and various magazines. Tracking is kind of low, in my opinion, for variables such as these. Since we have yet to see if Fox can open a film like Anniston, whether it will open higher or lower then tracking is all up in the air. I'm going to go above tracking because the television doesn't lie. 15 mill and 5 confidence points.

The Informant! also opens this weekend. It looks like an amazing laugh out loud comedy from Soderberg but we know different. It will be a smiley face rather then a knee slapper. It is tracking really well. I think it can do numbers close to Burn After Reading. 15M and 10 confidence points.

Only 2 films on the limited release from Paris with Juliette Binoche, which I assume will win come in 2nd for the PTA weekend behind Meatballs and the other is The Burning Plain by the dude that wrote one of those Oscar bait films that I can't remember at the moment. It should do decently.

Mabe I might add a movie review soon! I saw the original Bad Lieutenant!

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