The Yes Men Fix The World Review

This is the film that I saw on HBO a while back. I had thought that I had already seen it before. Turns out it is completely new! New hijinks! New pranks!

The Yes Men Fix The World is the sequel to the overseas cult classic The Yes Men. The Yes Men are two guys that go around and prank huge ass corporations. This time around, their tricks have gotten them the biggest stage of their lives. An interview with The BBC. They are trying to expose the world to the problems that big ass corporations could fix but end up not doing it because it is against the bottom line. Their major gripe is that Dow chemical doesn't want to help the people of Bhopal because there was a horrible accident that hurt and killed lots of people.

A lot of pranks are classic. You are just going to have to see it this weekend to find out. My favorite is the on they play on the Iraqi contractors. With the huge ass suit that makes them look like brown marshmallows or what I like to call poop.

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