Lacking Skills

Since I love being transparent and do not like people who pretend to be something they are not I am going to list my weaknesses as an actor, at least how I see it. Maybe if I post this list for all to see, other people won't feel the need to pretend to be something they are not.


Dialects. Even though I went to studied acting part-time at an academic institution, I was not able to take any dialect classes. I mean sure, if it's in the script, there is a good chance I'll be able to 'repeat'  it out, but when it comes to on-the-fly if some interviewer was looking over my resume and said "do this!" I wouldn't be able to do it.

Firearms: Even though I was lucky enough to handle a fake gun while shooting with Mr. Sunshine, I don't have a clue as to how a gun works, how to hold it, where to get one, how to aim, what's a glock or who Remington is. So, yeah, don't think I'll be starring in The Matrix anytime soon.

Languages: I can only speak English. Even though I took Spanish since middle school, I can't even get past one or two sentences before it gets too complicated. So, English is pretty much my only language, with some barely passing abilities in Standard English and Spanish. Tons o fun!

Glasses: I wear glasses. Since I have a cataract, I think, I can only get really annoying hard contact lenses that are too much of  a hassle then they are worth. Even working character actors sometimes take off their glasses! Oh yeah, these glasses also change to sunglasses in the sunlight, so good luck getting a daytime shot without having a Men in Black character in the scene!

Too Green! I've heard it over and over again that I don't have the required "experience." Well, fine I don't. I just hope that those that do have the required "experience" the best of luck in their careers since I have not seen them since.

My Major: Unfortunately, By the time I really got turned on to acting, I was already knee deep in a boring Poli Sci degree. So, no I don't have a BA in Theatre or even a Minor. But I was able to take some very intensive classes at a respected institution. Obviously, I did something right or else I would not have representation right now ;).

Regional Theater: Yeah, I spent my time in regional theater working behind the scenes. Why? Because Quite frankly, there was a specific mindset there that I did not believe in. Since i did not believe in it, it made me too uncomfortable to act under those conditions. So, no, I did not star in 20+ community theater plays. In fact, if I did, i would be quite worried that I had peaked way to early.

Regional Film: Yeah, same thing here. I did not star in 20+ films and if I did I would be worried that I peaked to early.

Musicals: While I actually like a good musical now and then, I can't sing worth a shit. I will not be getting any EGOTs anytime time soon, 30 Rock. Most of my family is 'good' at singing, good meaning better then me, but I seemed to have failed that test. I was actually part of a musical in regional theater but had to retire because of the aforementioned mindset.

I think those are the major skills I throughly lack. The good thing is they can all be fixed!

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