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The new Michigan film industry is blossoming. Many new and exciting films have been filmed in this great state thanks to very large tax breaks offered by the government. There may even be an Oscar winner coming from this state in the next few months. However, with new things there is a growing period where, things evolve and change. If the adaptations are well enough, they will be kept and passed along to the next generation.

In this case, there seems to be a bad mentality that is spreading, almost like an infection. The symptoms of this disease involve overinflated ego, delusions of grandeur, public embarrassment, and extra panty lining for their douche.

I am, of course talking about 'The Extra That Thinks That They Own The Joint.'

Professional Background Actor Lary Crews actually lists a lot of bad background "actors," that just happen to fit the bill thanks to the new opportunities in Michigan.

The one I am describing fits in the description of "The Queen. " Lary writes,

"It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a TV episode or a cell phone; hers is better. She’s afraid of being perceived as small, weak, or insignificant and her power plays give her a feeling of satisfaction and superiority."

This is so true. Newsflash: Sorry to burst your bubble but ANYONE CAN BE AN EXTRA! It takes zero talent, zero moxie, zero skill, and zero experience. What it does take talent, skill, moxie, and experience is to be represented by someone. And so far, I can say the science proves that 100% of the douchebags on set are not represented by any legitimate company because if they were, their ass would be dropped. 

So you spent six months on set being an extra? Congrats! You are now even more anonymous! So you think that because you spent 6 months on a set someone owes you something? Well, have fun being an anonymous nobody because with that attitude that is all you are going to get. There are people who might spend less time then you on the set but they are just as important then you, who knows they may be even more important! You don't know. Extras are on a need to know basis. So, don't show off your ignorance by beating your chest!

Extras are the lowest chain on the totem pole. Why? Because all they do is walk around and take instruction, meanwhile there are people who set up the scenes before you were even awake! There are people studying lines while you are still asleep! There are people setting up locations while you pick your nose! Wake the fuck up! Standing around for 12 hours doesn't make you a movie star! 

Funny Story: A reputable website, namely Actors Access will not allow you to put your "extras agency" that you paid $15 to join as your representation, because they are not. They can't submit you to projects. Nope, they just take your 15 bucks and the money they get paid for by the production company and run. I signed up for them and got 1 job in 3 months. AMAZING! Which really wouldn't be so bad, but there is zero communication. As Bonnie Gillespe describes it, it is a bag 'em shelve 'em unit.

Sorry for the frank reality check but I don't want be seen as condoning these actions of greed and ego on the part of a few delusional people. 

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