Copy Paste FAIL – A follow up to the debacle

 Funny story. Remember how I got all offended that pretty much copy and pasted info I posted on Nextcat on their pay for website website? Well, I recently visited that site again and saw that yes, indeedy, they have not posted a word about the actual way to register and enter the Glee auditions (by Myspace). During this time, I’ve only been giving weekly updates about my activity and have cut ties with the website. I love that kind of vindication. KARMA.

Don’t worry, you’ll be FAMOUSZ if you Just pay 50 bucks to a website that is so lazy they didn’t even enter their e-mail addy to get more info about the actual audition! WHOOPS! Yup, you’ll get real famousz with that kind of professionalism.

Stay Classy Michigan!

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