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I know agents. I see them on Twitter. I seem them on Facebook. Some of them win awards, like the SAG agent of the month award. Some of them win awards that recognize them for being good business people. Both of those examples, while they are from different states, one known as the mecca of film and tv, the other just blossoming in that regard. However, I have never seen anyone waste so much time on themselves like the good folks at Charlie's Talent Agency.

For example, my blog, that no one reads or cares about, got 62 page loads today! Want to know where it all came from? Look at the title of the post. It came from those guys. While other agents are talking about their clients, these guys waste HOURS on the internet looking at themselves. For example,, a.k.a. anonymous or Chad Oliver, has 14 visits today lasting more then an hour. Really?

What are these guys trying to hide? 
What are they so scared of? 
Why would they care so much what one little person is saying?

My theory is that since they a such a minuscule agency, one with no real power, even in a state that is just getting the ball rolling in the entertainment industry, that they are suffering what's called "little man syndrome." Instead of doing their job, like getting vital information from production before sending an actor out to a job, they make up stories, repeat long outdated information ad nauseum, and when that doesn't work threaten "legal action" to no end. However, just like all the talk of films that are casting, it is all talk.  

This crap has been going on non-stop for a month. This is the last I speak on this subject.

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You're Fired.

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