I’m Retiring


from background/extra work.

It just isn’t worth it any more. Originally, I wanted to stop doing it in DECEMBER when I originally signed with that psychopathic stalkerish horrible no good “talent agent,” but that didn’t end up working out.

So, I worked in background/extra stuff in 2 films during that time. It was easy work, but I don’t know it also kind of insulted my intelligence a bit. Then I did work on !*NDA*! I worked for like 16 hours. It wasn’t so much a bad thing happened there it was just, I don’t know. Then another film, that I really wanted to work on, but Mr. Psychopath didn’t get me an audition for, was just asking for people to call in and get booked as backgrounders. Yet, I didn’t even feel the need.

It’s nothing against anyone I worked with, it’s just that in Michigan, he backgrounders/extras get treated like garbage for the most part. And I frankly had enough garbage thrown my way. At first, I thought it would be a cool way to stay “in the business” in between ‘auditions,’ but the way it is set up makes it near impossible. Anyways, I guess I’ll be joining the waiter/actor pretty soon.

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