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Even though I am sworn to secrecy about my next role, I will share some unrelated back story about how it came to fruition.

Anyways, the first role I booked this year, Matt McBride for The Wannabes Starring Savvy TV show (Season #1 Episode #14, Episode #19, and Episode #20) did not come directly from Social Media. I just found out the information where to apply from social media. I got casted after I was on set.

However, this new role came directly from Social Media and I, ironically, wasn’t even trying for it! In fact, I was just planning on continuing to do what I was doing, submitting on indie “indie” films and checking over the breakdowns on AA, mandy, and Craigslist, since getting a new “survival” job and no longer working as a backgrounder gave me some flexibility, i.e. no longer having to turn down no pay “jobs.”

Anyways, my postings on Facebook stood out to whomever casted me even though my posts weren’t of the self promoting variety, nor were they even of the “just checking in” variety. I wasn’t even planning to work on this film after not getting an audition from Mr. Psycho. There is a twist of justice in this story, but I’ll save that for when I’m actually allowed to talk freely about it.

Anyways, I pretty much am booked out for a while so may not be too many updates in the future.

I’ll end on this, social media has truly been a godsend for me with the lack of auditions. Can’t keep a good man down!


Paul said...

Awesome, PJ

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